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World Championship Series of Poker (WSOP) Champions list.

The World Series Of Poker ( has long defined the world champion of poker through an annual epic multi-day hold-em poker tournament. What is unique about this tournament is that anyone (21 or over) can enter if they are willing to part with the very pricey entrance fee.  Some do manage to circumvent the hefty entrance fee, which fuels the largest prize pool in poker, by winning satellite tournaments to earn their seat at the starting table, as well.  For the winner, the rewards are just as epic, a million dollar bracelet, a photo on the winners wall and millions in cash.  The event grows every year.

The WSOP poker championship tournament is the most prestigious among many such championship tournaments, and the common thread is that each tournament offers a custom designed gold tournament championship bracelet as the winner's trophy, which is the most coveted bracelet in all the world. This is what Bracelet Poker is all about, winning poker championships.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the largest, richest and most prestigious poker event in the world, awarding millions of dollars in prize money along with that custom gold and jewel encrusted world poker champion bracelet, globally recognized as the poker gaming industry's top prize.

The series dates back to 1970, when Benny Binion invited seven of the best-known poker players (determined to be the top seven best poker platers in the USA) to the Horseshoe Casino for a single tournament.  There was a designated start and stop time, and the winner was determined by a secret ballot, back then.

The complete list of world champions to 2019 follows:

Year World Series Of Poker (WSOP) Main Event Champions
1970 Johnny Moss, the "Grand Ole Man of Poker"
1971 Johnny Moss, the "Grand Ole Man of Poker"
1972 Thomas Peterson, "Amarillo Slim"
1973 Walter Pearson, "Puggy"
1974 Johnny Moss, the "Grand Ole Man of Poker"
1975 Brian Roberts, "Sailor"
1976 Doyle Brunson, the "Texas Dolly"
1977 Doyle Brunson, the "Texas Dolly"
1978 Bobby Baldwin, the "Owl"
1979 Hal Fowler
1980 Stu Ungar, the "Kid"
1981 Stu Ungar, the "Kid"
1982 Jack Straus, "Treetop"
1983 Tom McEvoy, "Pokerchump"
1984 Jack Kellar, "Gentleman"
1985 Bill Smith
1986 Berry Johnston,
1987 Johnny Chan
1988 Johnny Chan
1989 Phil Hellmuth, the "Poker Brat"
1990 Mansour Matloubi
1991 Brad Daugherty
1992 Hamid Dastmalchi
1993 Jim Bechtel
1994 Russ Hamilton
1995 Dan Harrington, "Action Dan"
1996 Huck Seed
1997 Stu Ungar, the "Kid"
1998 Scotty Nguyen, the "Prince opf Poker"
1999 Noel Furlong
2000 Chris Ferguson, "Jesus"
2001 Carlos Mortensen, el "Matador"
2002 Robert Varkonyi
2003 Chris Moneymaker
2004 Greg Raymer, "Fossil-Man"
2005 Joe Hachem
2006 Jamie Gold
2007 Jerry Yang, the "Shadow"
2008 Peter Eastgate, "Isser"
2009 Joe Cada
2010 Jonathan Duhamel
2011 Pius Heinz, "Heinz 57"
2012 Greg Merson ($8,527,982)
2013 Ryan Riess, "Riess the Beast" ($8,361,570)
2014 Martin Jacobson, "NosbocajM" ($10,000,000)
2015 Joe McKeehen (age 24) ($7,683,346)
2016 Qui Nguyen, "Tommy Gun" (age 39) ($8,005,310)
2017 Scott Blumstein (age 25) ($8,150,000.00 USD) [Previous Earnings: $0 Previous Wins: 0]
2018 John Cynn (age 33) ($8,800,000.00 USD Purse)
2019 Hossein Ensan (age 55) ($10,000,000 Purse)
2020 Next WSOP Champion Name (age ##) ($Purse)

As listed above, the current reigning World Series of Poker Champion for 2019 is Hossein Ensan (age 55, Iran born German).

Will you be the next WSOP Champion on that list, this coming year?

This year the 51st Annual WSOP was set to run from May 26 to July 15, 2020 at Caesar's Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, but the Covid-19 Pandemic which has already taken over 100,000 US lives has screwed that all up. Ceasar's is closed and I don't know what's going on. Maybe it's not a good idea to have it this year. I'll post here if I find that the format changes or it gets rescheduled, if I can find anything out. 


Bracelet Poker - World Championship Poker

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